For those who know me, they know that my Magical Morning Routine is my thing!

It is usually the highlight of my day. 

It sets me up for the most incredibly productive day, full of positivity and accomplishments, that previously did not exist!


Natural supplements always played a huge role in my daily nutrition plan. More so through the years as I found it harder to get the right balance only by eating food.


Unknown to me until recent, was the amazing health benefits from HEMP Oil.

Hemp oil now plays a large role in my Magical Morning Routine.


Every single day I supplement with Hemp oil and treat it as I would any other morning vitamin or daily superfood smoothie.

Hemp Oil is now one of my most prized attributes. Ideally, once I've finished exercising and getting outdoors in the early morning, I come home to shower, stretch and enjoy a fresh green juice or my new favorite - cbd cocktail - while I take my other vitamins/supplements.